Document management sOLUTIONS

Freedom from paper and information clutter. From digitization to document management software, we help you manage a wide range of paper and digital content and automate your business processes so your organization’s, customers, and partners can efficiently access, share and process business critical information 24 x 7.


Document management solution helps organizations manage unstructured content throughout its lifecycle, bringing and moving it along the respective stages of Capture, Management, Storage, Delivery and final stage of its Archival. It manages the wealth of Document, Content, Knowledge and Information with Enterprise Class Applications, Tools and Technologies. It is multi-tiered, server-deployable DMS (Document Management System) that is composed of individual DMS Components. It aggregates all the DMS components at one place and makes it available through the application server. What you interface is a composite DMS environment accessible just through a web browser. Along with its brethren products from the DMS Product Suite and Solution establishes itself as a separate platform. It seamlessly integrates to other IT systems through its advanced SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and your organization easily achieves a united IT Eco-System where each system can talk to DMS and DMS can Image-Enable every other system. DMS lets the Decision Makers and IT Administrators exert greater control over the process and keep track of all the activities happening at lower or higher level.

Content Capture and Creation

DMS integrates seamlessly with brethren Capture Applications in the suite and automates the bulk scanning with ease and efficiency. It connects equally well with the content-creation client applications such as office suites, CAD or other such productivity suites and automates the synchronized management between the client application and DMS repository. Capture Applications from the suite offers features to capture all forms of paper based documents with size varying from normal-office documents to large size engineering drawings. These Products supports Production-Grade Scanners and can ingest thousands of documents per hour.  DMS automates Content Capture, Creation and Management with advanced, robust and modern applications.


DMS Capture Applications, Tools and Technologies offers world class features and functionalities and has matchless capture engine running at its heart. It supports a distributed environment and delegation of tasks within the distributed environment, which can achieve much faster and precise capture results.

  •  Distributed Capturing Environment
  •  Templates and Zone Based Capture
  •  Industry Standard, High Volume Production-level Scanning
  •  Support for TWAIN and ISIS scanning
  •  Accommodate varying paper sizes; Office Documents or Complex Engineering Drawing
  • Automatic Image Correction, Clean-Up and Enhancement
  • Quick Scan supported by the DMS Web Interface
  • Upload to pre-specified Cabinet and Folder
  •  Automatic and Intelligent Recognition which includes OCR, ICR and OMR
  •  Support for all standard Image Operations such as Deskew, Rotate, Invert, Brightness/Contrast


Apart from capturing the documents, DMS also integrates easily with content creation applications to ingest the electronic content from Fax Server, Email Servers or other systems that automatically creates documents including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

DMS Email Management can fetch mails of pre-configured mail id(s), classify it and save the mail body message in text format before moving it to DMS Repository. All attachments are saved in the native format.

DMS Fax Management automates the Fax capture and its management into DMS Repository by automatically moving the Faxes from Fax Server to the DMS Repository

DMS MS Office Plug-in helps Users work directly from the MS Office Client Application and manage (Check-In, Check-Out) the documents residing at the DMS Repository

DMS CAD Plug-in allows a User to easily manage (Check-In, Check-Out) CAD files at DMS Repository from inside the CAD application itself

DMS SAP Plug-in allows SAP Users to fetch document from DMS Repository at run time & use it for any kind of reference within SAP transaction processes with transaction processes inside SAP.


DMS with its composite application environment aggregates all the DMS Components together and makes them available to daily solution users through web-browser. It enables daily solution users with all the standard and modern DMS Components used for efficiently managing the documents and content across the enterprise environment.

Classification, Indexing & Organization

DMS Classification separates documents from its indexing. You store the captured documents on Image-Server while its retrieval information (Indexing) resides on the Database Server. Advanced Classification and Indexing Scheme assisted with modern database technologies (SQL and Oracle) helps you achieve consistent organization and fast retrieval of unstructured content.

  •  Craft Classification Scheme with
  •  DataClass Descriptor Global Descriptors
  •  Link Descriptor – Parent to Child
  •  Link Data Class and Descriptor to a Role
  •  Re-Use Metadata
  •  Re-Classification of Unstructured-Content as the Classification practices of your organization improves and evolves with time

Document, Content and Library Management

DMS Components for document, content and library functions allows for easy and efficient management of content within the DMS environment. It provides standard as well as modern features and functions to successfully execute the daily tasks of document management.

  •  Add, Modify and Delete Documents under a defined Filing, Classification and Records Management Scheme
  •  Add and Edit Content with Versioning
  •  Assign Unique ID to Documents
  •  Set Password on Documents
  •  Index Documents
  •  Transform Content into Multiple Formats
  •  Annotate Document with Text and Graphic Annotation
  •  Link Content and Associate Present Content with other Information
  •  Sources
  •  Start Collaboration on Documents
  •  Archive Documents and Folders

Search, Browse and Access

DMS Search reduces the document access time by over 90 percent. Organizations benefit from the added momentum and are encouraged to use the saved time for various other important functions seeking the much needed attention.

Search & Find it!

  •   Search Document, Folder and Workflow
  •  ODMA support for search and retrieval
  •  Combined Search on Profile, Index, Full Text Search and Search across Multiple Versions of a Document
  •  Boolean Search, Complex Logical Searches and Soundex Search algorithms
  •  Save Search Results Including Threaded Search Actions
  •  Multi – Browsers (Microsoft IE &Mozilla Firefox) and Multi Language (English, Hindi and Arabic)
  •  Tree-View Based Navigation
  •  View Documents in its Original Format with Universal Viewer
  •  Zoom-In and Zoom-Out
  •  Thumbnails View of Image and Electronic Documents

Record Management

DMS Record Manager enables organizations meet compliances, mitigate risks and manage records that keep long term business value

  •  Create Record Management Rules Based on Metadata
  •  Establish Retention & Disposition Schedules and Policies
  •  Destroy Records Beyond any Possible Reconstruction
  •  Maintain Audit Trails to track activities performed on the records/document
  •  Provide Email Notification/Alert before Record Disposition Date

System Administration and Configuration

A great deal of effort has been put to simplify the most complex task of administration and configuration. DMS Administration Components allows greater efficiency in managing the entire system with detailed system administration, configuration and management features.
Administrator can easily execute tasks from user creation till the final stage of archival of documents with ease. As a smart system it lets administrator automate most of administration tasks through configurations.

  •  User and Rights Management in DMS allows great flexibility in managing Users, Role, Rights and Privileges
  •  It lets organizations adopt the already existing users with the help of DMS LDAP module
  •  It lets Administrator associate Functional Permissions with Graded
  •  Levels of Security to a set of Users..
  •  Shuffle User Profile as user’s job profiles or access profiles change overtime
  •  Set System Preferences
  •  Define Searchable Fields, Search Outputs and define what the user can do with the search results
  •  Configure Conditions for Automatic Notification
  •  Control and Manage Repository
  •  Backup and Recover Data regularly to a medium that can be used to restore those data/systems
  •  Monitor Performance Metrics to Identify, and examine information about the performance of a system

Audit, Report and Control

Optimum utilization of resources is the utmost objective of any organization and DMS helps you achieve the same through a robust Dashboard, Audit and Report features that allows managers and administrators to keep track of each and every activity happening at a lower or a higher level with extensive audit on Users, Functions and Business WorkFlows.


DMS has been designed to be collaborative. It enables the Users with Intelligent Coordination of People, Tasks and Information. It makes Work-Process more Efficient, Effective, and Adaptable to Change. In addition to a dedicated Workflow Module every other Module and Component of DMS Platform empowers users with excellent collaboration abilities. Multiple users accessing the system concurrently, Cross-geography access, Delegation of tasks based on roles and responsibilities, Collaboration through emails, chat and whiteboard are among the many such useful abilities that make DMS a brilliant system. With collaboration enabled with the entire platform DMS has also got a dedicated Workflow Module with host of features and functionalities that help move Documents throughout an entire Work-Process.

  •  Collaboration through Emails, Chat and Whiteboard
  •  Distributed Environment and Concurrent Multi User Access
  •  24 X 7 Across Geography Access
  •  Task Delegation based on Roles and Responsibilities
  •  Define and maintain the Workflow and the Process Map
  •  Form Building and Form Association with a Workflow
  •  Define Workflow Participants or Roles
  •  Support for Sequential and Parallel Routes
  •  Automated Business Rules and Document Routing
  •  Support for Forward, Return or Completion of Work-items
  •  Time -Based Reminders
  •  Diversion and Escalation of the work
  •  Alert, Notification and Alarms
  •  Provide Workflow Audit Logs

Store, Backup and Archive

Empowered with the modern technology, now, you can reclaim city-centred costly office spaces and get rid of document warehouses, which cost you dearly. Few digital storage medium occupying even fewer feet inside the IT Department will contain trillions of your files. DMS is a complete document management system and has support for secure, controlled and structured storage on Online as well as Offline medium. DMS Storage is constituted by Repository Technologies, Library Services-on-Repository-Items and the Storage Technologies, DMS has it all and you need not bother when going with one of the most advanced systems available to you.


  •  Storage on online storage medium that includes Storage Server, LAN, SAN, and RAID among others
  •  Storage on offline medium that includes Optical Disks, Magnetic Tape, Microfilm among others
  •  Load balancing, Fault Tolerance and High availability
  •  Support for replicating data onto remote sites
  •  Enterprise-class Scalability and Availability Features


Tools for Back-Up and Restore of Information for Disaster Recovery
Support for Incremental and Full Backups


Archival on Solid-State Storage Media such as CD and DVD
Auto Archival of Expired Documents

Deliver and Re-Use

DMS Deliver and Transform Components ensure that the output is fit for all kinds of Users and fits all types of User Consumption.

  •  Make the Content available through Intranet, Extranet, Websites, Portal, Print, Email or Text
  •  Provide Searchable Content on CD for Remote Distribution
  •  Download Content Securely through HTTP
  •  Push content where it is not being pulled
  •  Reuse the existing work to prevent duplicity and wastage of time .


DMS is secure and one of the toughest nuts to crack. Multi-Tier Architecture, Multiple layer of security and Granular Level Action Rights protects your enterprise data, safe-guards Trade Secrets, Military Plans, Profit-Loss Figures and Legal Filings among more others.

  •  Multi-tier architecture with each tier fully independent
  •  Secure solution with support for Firewall, SSL/HTTPS along with Data and Password Encryption
  •  Single Sign-On and Validate System Users at Real Time against Directory Server
  •  Granular and Highly Secured Access Rights with Inheritance
  •  Session Timeout Enforcement

Architecture, Integration and Customization

DMS is built on multi-tier architecture and uses Microsoft .Net Framework. It has Industry standard security and provides enterprise class scalability, disaster recovery and fault tolerance. DMS Supports XML based API for System Integration and is available in Workgroup, Enterprise, and Hosting Models.

  •  Enterprise-class Scalability and Availability Features
  •  DMS Presentation Layer displays the User Interface.
  •  Business Layer (Business Access Layer) hosts all the functionality of DMS application. This layer contains all components and communicates with all other layers.
  •  Database logic (Data Access Layer) is responsible to interact with database.

All Data Access components interact with it and it is the responsibility of this layer to interact correctly with database. All saving, query and updating in database take place through it only.

Architectural Benefits

DMS Platform is a joy to have for the IT Departments as it can be deployed standalone or it can integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and co-exists with your other Enterprise IT
deployments. It is not a closed-system or a vertical specific product. It establishes itself as a third platform alongside your enterprise systems. Image Enablement of all other software application in the IT Eco-System becomes even easier by its SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and XML based APIs.

  •  Image-Enable other Systems
  •  Integrate easily with enterprise systems – ERP, Banking and Insurance Systems
  •  Backward compatibility ensures that current system can accept and process information or data from earlier versions of   the system
  •  Tight Integration with FineFlow BPM (Business Process Management)
  •  Support for Image Server Replication for effective bandwidth utilization


What is a cost of not adopting the modern technology that can really make a difference?
They say business will benefit in the long run. We can tell you, backed by our successful cases and proves, that try our solution and you start seeing the results right away.

Document, Content, People and Process : Capture, Create, Manage, Conserve, Collaborate, Access, Secure, Deliver and Balance Work -Life

Capture : Document, Content, Knowledge, Information, Email, Fax and all other Content Types

Conserve : Document (No Wear and Tear), Reality Space (Storage Space), Operational Cost, Labour and Time

Un-limit: Document Storage, Retention Period and Document Types (140 Types)

Scale: Scale FineDocs from Base to Enterprise and fit the requirements of different sizes organization

Search: Folder, Document and Workflow

Collaborate: Document, Work, Process and People, DCS (Distributed Capturing Solution), Concurrent Users.

Optimize: Work Process, Document Access Time and Entire Organization

Secure: Document, Content, Knowledge Theft and Peace of Mind

Access: 24 X 7, Web Based Solution, Whenever and Wherever

Deliver: Faster Decision, Right Content on On Right Time, Flexibility and performance

Version: Document, Revision Details of Files, Creation Date, Author Name, Any Change Dates, etc

Re-Use: Document and Work-Process – References from past projects

Cost: Reduce Cost Sharply, Pay-Per-Use

Ensure: Compliance, Regulation, Security, Risk Management, Business Continuity and Fast Solution Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

Integrate: With Enterprise Applications ERPs and other Systems to Image-Enable them

Balance: Work and Life

Safe-Guard: From Fire, Floods, Quakes or Fighter-Jet-Attacks – Be happy in normal times see through the crisis

Artificial Intelligence : OCR, HCR, ICR, OMR, Barcode Extraction and Zone-Based-Extraction

We are driven by a strong passion to revolutionize the way you use technology to enhance your operations