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UniBind Products

Unibind specializes in designing, manufacturing and distribution of products that compliment the presentation of printed documents. With our international footprint in more than 120 countries, we have successfully introduced our revolutionary binding systems to our clients in Africa.

Unibind provides  clients with the most revolutionary document presentation systems.Thanks to over 30 years of research, development and worldwide client feedback, we completed a range of systems and accessories for your printed presentation needs.

UniBind Products

Easy and fast in-house production of printed presentations with a wide range of covers to help you to present your company and services in a professional manner. Resin, clamp and staple solutions complete with user-friendly binding systems for organisations and businesses of any size and industry.



The Thermal Binding Machines offer an easy binding of your documents. It combines the traditional and proven UniBind Resin SteelBinding with a newly developed crimping element.



Hard cover, thermal covers, hard clamp cover, Plus Flex Cover, Thermal Hard Cover - Full Colour, Soft Cover - Full Colour



These accessories include: Peel & Stick Pockets, NoteBook Sheets, Cover Tower, Archiving tools



These includePortfolios , RingBinder, and DuoBinder that presents and stores your documents and bound books in a practical and elegant way.

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